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Isn’t it great to have a little free-time on your hands?

It might be an approaching holiday or a long weekend, but There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of knowing that you have a whole chunk of spare time on its way that you can do whatever you like with. The opportunities are endless and the freedom to do as your heart pleases is as exciting as it is rewarding.

Last weekend just past was Easter, giving everyone 2 public holidays- one on either side of a weekend. 4 days off! Many people would have spent time with family, catching up with friends, or perhaps pursuing their favourite interest. For me, it was a case of all 3 coming together at once.

Not only did I get several opportunities to catch up and relax with friends and family, but I also managed to squeeze in plenty of time for photographic pursuits, including 2 sunrise shoots, a sunset wander through a gorgeous hinterland valley, and an 11 kilometre rainforest trek to seek out and photograph some stunning waterfalls. You can read more of my rainforest walk and see the results here.

Besides the waterfall adventures, I wanted to share some images that I captured during my sunrise and sunset wanderings.

Day 1, Easter Saturday.

This morning saw me rise at 3:30 and hit the road with David, my future brother-in-law, for the drive to Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast. We arrived well before first light and, dodging the aggressive in-coming tide, set off around the point in search of compositions. The sunrise that morning was fairly flat, with little cloud cover to add interest to the sky; however I managed to capture several images that I’m happy with.

Later that evening as sun was setting on the world, David and I packed up our cameras again for a wander through the Conondale valley that his parents call home. I came away with several images, mostly of the valley scenery, but these two images of lonely trees stand out for me. I’ve taken a different approach to processing these, to give them a more old-world sort of atmosphere that seems to suit this quiet little piece of the world. If you like trees, you might enjoy my Lone Tree Gallery.

Day 2, Easter Sunday.

For the second time in a row, I had another early start to the day as once again I headed off before dawn in chase of a coastal sunrise. This time my destination was Point Arkwright; a little further north than Point Cartwright, and a Sunshine Coast location that despite my best intentions I have never managed to visit until now.

When I arrived at the point, the car park was nearly full, despite how early in the morning it was; many surfers and fishermen were already there and setting themselves up in pursuit of their individual hobbies. From what I could tell I was the only photographer.

Using a head-torch to aid my progress, I made my way down to the pre-dawn rocky shore line, and finding a location that I thought held potential I set myself up and began to take light readings to aid my exposure and filter choices.

Before too long the sun began to crest the horizon; the changing colours in the sky and quickly-advancing cloud-cover brought with it some fantastic lighting, while the rough and rocky shoreline and advancing tide came together to produce some interesting fore ground scenery too.

I came away with quite a few images from the morning and some of my favourites are shown below.

Over the course of the Easter long weekend I drove for more than 14 hours. I ate lots of chocolate and tasty home-made hot-cross buns. I caught up with over 40 family members. I woke up before dawn on 3 of the 4 days, caught 2 sunrises and a sunset, hiked for almost 12 kilometres and took an excess of one thousand individual photographs.

What an amazing way to spend a little bit of spare time!

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