Sometimes you just can't sleep. You know how it is; we've all been there before. Its hours before your alarm is set to go off but you're wide awake, your mind is ticking over with ideas and sweet, sweet, slumber is elusive. You get up, throw some water on your face, maybe put on a pot of tea or heat some milk on the stove, but nothing settles your restless mind. There's only one thing to do; get up and get on with it. Last weekend this was just how I found myself at 4am. I really wanted to sleep in, but my restless mind would simply not give me the peace that my body needed. I surfed the web for a little while but this was of little interest to me, and what I really wanted was to pick up my camera and shoot something. Not just anything tho, in my sleep deprived state what I wanted to see in my cameras view-finder was the shapes of the city. Harsh lines, neat and parallel, flowing curves, reflections in glass, symmetry.

Grabbing my camera bag (which is always packed and ready to roll with my favourite lenses and bits and bobs) I headed out in to the city. First light was starting to crest the horizon and colour the sky as I mingled with the tall building of the river front. The warming tone of the morning sun gave the sleeping streets and building a soft glow, while morning birds began to sing and street-side cafes were being prepared for the days trade ahead.

I basked in the virtual emptiness of the cement jungle; using nothing but my 24mm Tilt-Shift lens and a circular polariser filter forced me to slow down and contemplate my shots, to connect with the lines and textures that I was feeling. It was amongst the flowing curves and unbroken lines my mind found the rest that it needed and I began to grow sleepy at last. Before long, joggers and cyclists started to appear, as the streets began to hum with activity. The sun rose in the sky and became hot on my cheeks, as I removed my jumper. It was time to go home. My brief outing had settled my mind, but also stirred my interests: I don't typically shoot "architectural" photographs, but this brief morning's outing has left me with a hunger for more. I know that the restless desire to keep shooting these scenes will grow, and that before too long I'll be heading back into the city in the quiet hours of the dawn once again. :-)

** All images in this post were shot using a Canon 5D MK3 with a Canon TS-E 24mm L II Lens. Some images were also shot with the addition of a Hoya Super Pro 1 CPL filter **

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