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It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured west.

Memories from my childhood and younger teenage years are filled with many days of riding motorbikes and driving around in a beaten-up old 4×4, of fishing in the outback creeks, shooting paper targets and old tin cans with an air rifle or camping out under the vast and endless southern hemisphere- alive with stars and wandering satellites. I miss those carefree days.

Just north of Goondiwindi on the Queensland and New South Wales border is a 5 thousand acre property belonging to my cousin; it’s been in his family for a few generations now and I have some very fond memories from my younger days when I’d head out there to get away from the busy city life.

Unfortunately, the last time that I ventured this far west I was just out of high school… that was more then 15 years ago! On a spur-of-the-moment decision last week and, with a few days to spare, I decided to load up the car and head west once more to revisit the familiar scenes from my childhood memories. I was looking forward to seeing how much had changed, and I wanted to capture some images to help preserve those old and fading memories.

Besides catching up with my cousin over a beer or two, I was hoping to revisit some of the landscapes of the area, to point my camera at the rich and colourful sunrises and sunsets that I remember, as well as just enjoy a little solitude that comes with being a long way from anyone else

Unfortunately, many of my plans were thwarted by bad weather; the sky was washed out for most of the visit – flat and grey, the colourful sunshine was obscured by low dense clouds, while the rain threatened to turn the long dirt roads into slippery quagmires. While unfortunate for the photographer, these events gave me a good opportunity to catch up with my cousin and his lovely partner, who’s hospitality and warm friendship I am very grateful for.

From this short trip, I managed to come home with a few images that I’m satisfied with; however scenes of the huge fields full of ripening sorghum and wheat, billowing clouds catching the golden morning sunshine, or building storm cells swirling with rain and lighting, eluded my lens on this occasion. I hope to return go the outback in the coming months, and with a little luck and favorable weather, I’ll come back with some more images from my distant memories.
Please enjoy this small selection of images from my journey West. :-)

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