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Sometimes we’re just in the right place at the right time; and occasionally, unforseen opportunities present themselves and reward with their unexpected outcomes. On even rarer occasions, this happens twice in one day :)

About a week ago, I happened to be out-and-about finishing up some work at dawn (yes, dawn… Don’t ask!). Glancing outside I realised that the morning’s sunrise was probably going to be a good one; so I grabbed my camera gear and headed outside to make the most of it. Searching quickly for a suitable vantage point, I set myself up on the roof top of a local car park.

I wasn’t disappointed.

A stunning autumn sunrise was building in the east, with tones of rich red and orange lining the clouds. Before long, the sky was alight with magnificent morning colours, as a dark, sleepy city stirred to life in the foreground.



As the dawn progressed and the sun rose to a higher altitude and swung to a different azimuth, the colours of the sky changed to pale yellows and pastel blues, with bright sunrays streaking from behind the billowing white clouds. It was a stunning sight to behold!



Soon, I was joined on my roof-top vantage by my good friend and fellow photographer Konrad Bazan. Changing lenses for some different composures, I also captured some images of him at work and contemplating his next shot.



Before too long the sky, while still lovely had lost its brilliance and we headed off in search of a morning cup of coffee and to contemplate the magnificent dawn to which we were fortunate enough to have just witnessed.



For me, I thought that the rest of the day was going to be mundane, without any other opportunities to get the camera out; however later that afternoon I was shown that sometimes we do get doubly lucky when some spare time at dusk led me to Cleveland Point (camera in hand) searching for compositions.

After doing some reconnaissance at a nearby venue for an up-coming wedding that I have the honour of shooting, I headed straight down to the old jetty, where I wanted to try some more tilt-shift photography. My idea was to tilt the focal plane to keep the jetty in focus while gently blurring out the rest of the scene, as well as shifting the lens to create a high-resolution stitched image in a 3:1 panoramic ratio.

The Sky was fairly uninspiring and flat, and my images didn’t turn out quite like I had planned, however I came away 2 images of the old jetty which I’m fairly pleased with.


2 completely unexpected opportunities to get the camera out in the same day? Certainly can’t complain about that!

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