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After my relatively slim cityscape pickings from the weekend beforehand, I was keen to get back down to the river and try again – this time making sure that I was there well before the sunrise.

Although you can check the weather forecasts, you can never count on them, and as the weatherman said that no rain was foreseen, I was disappointed to see the sky covered with building rainclouds when I hit the river’s edge.

Setting up quickly, I managed to squeeze off this image just before the droplets began to fall.

Regardless of the sporadic and often misty rain which fouled the lens and caused me to curse the ruined exposures, the colours in the sky were not disappointing and as the sun rose in the east, the colours changed and cast a lovely purple hue across the clouds, rewarding me for my endeavors.

Even as I tried to dodge the rain, dashing between the river bank and the relative shelter of some nearby trees, I was still enjoying the early morning and quite happy with what I was capturing.

After 2 or 3 hours by the river, it was time to call it a morning, so I packed up and walked around to Southbank to meet my brother for a coffee. Not a bad way to start the day if you ask me :-)

Both of these images were taken with a Canon 5D MK2 and the amazing Canon TS-E 24mm L II lens. Each comprises of 3 images stitched: a central image with 12mm of lens shift on either side.

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