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I often consider a weekend wasted if I don’t take at least one personal photograph; something just for me; something that I’m proud to show others and display. So often are the times that I plan a weekend photography trip that doesn’t pan out; either the weather isn’t right, or some unknown event transpires to cut my endeavours short.

This weekend just past was one of those weekends; or so I thought.

Friday night was an un-eventful but restful evening at home. Dinner on the veranda with my fiancée followed by a beer on the couch in front of the television (yes, uninspiring, but well deserved!). Then I noticed the moon! It was stunning. A clear sky revealed a sharp, full moon. I grabbed my camera and my longest lens (Canon EF 70-300mm DO IS USM – a very compact and a lovely lens to use by the way) to take a few pictures.

I’ve got plenty of photographs of the full moon, but a few more never hurt. Even if the moon is a tiny spec in the middle of the frame, for some reason I’m always compelled to take a photo of it if I have the chance. With a little tweaking in the post production software to enhance the shadows and add a little colour, this image is the result.

So that was my Friday night. After a long and busy week, I really needed a sleep-in, but I set my alarm for a start before sunrise on Saturday morning. I awoke late, sleeping through the chimes of my alarm by a good 30 minutes or so. By the time that I had dressed and got myself down to spot by the river, the golden moment, where the light rays of the morning sun have only just begun to warm the colours of the sky, was all but gone.

I rattled off a few shots, but wasn’t achieving the results that I wanted; the colours in the sky wasn’t right, the traffic on the river was too heavy, and my motivation was quickly fading. I called it a morning and went home to review the images and get on with my long list of weekend chores (clean the fish tank, get a haircut, help my mother buy her first smart phone, do the grocery shopping, buy some things for a party later that afternoon – yes, too many things to be done as usual!).

On processing and reviewing my images, I was surprised to find one that I didn’t mind as much as I thought I would. The colours aren’t quite right, and the composition is lacking, but I was happy enough with the results. It also gave me a good opportunity to test out some new software that I had recently purchased, and I was pleasantly surprised with the effects that it had on the image.

Here is one of the images from Saturday Morning:

When Sunday came around, I never expected that any opportunities for photography would present themselves. The party from the night before had lasted longer into the evening (morning!) than anticipated and a slow start to the day ensued. By lunchtime we were firing on all cylinders and started the hour drive to Southport to watch a friends band play at the Surf Life Savers Club.

I wasn’t going to bring my camera as I didn’t expect to have an opportunity to use it, but my fiancée convinced me that it was worthwhile – you never know what you’ll come across, after all. Once we were down the coast the sky had changed from clear to cloudy, just enough to make it interesting, and I knew right away the sort of image that I wanted, no HAD to capture. In between sets I went for a walk along the beach and set-up my tripod to compose the scene. I wanted a long exposure of nothing by sky, ocean and sand, with good motion blur in the clouds and the waves, something that would end up being a little abstract. After a day of contemplating and a couple hours of processing, this image is the result.

While I was shooting, the light was changing quickly. Pale yellows on the clouds gave way to lovely rosy tones as the sun dipped below the horizon. I chatted with a local (Hi Romel!) about my camera and the full moon on Friday. I was disappointed to find that during the shoot the tripod was slowly sinking into the wet sand and I was hoping that it wouldn’t affect the images too much – I was using a wide lens after all (Canon TS-E 24mm L II) and subtle movements are often not very noticeable.

Here is a slightly diffrent, less processd shot from the brief afternoon shooting.

All in all I’m fairly happy with the outcomes from the weekend. I got most of my household chores completed, and although the original images by the river that I wanted to create didn’t come to fruition, It wasn’t a complete loss either, and defiantly not a weekend wasted.

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