Its easy to "miss the boat" sometimes. we get busy and time slips by, or we fall into the trap of putting things off until tomorrow and procrastinating. That's what happened to me last year when I was intending to enter a couple of images in to the Epson International Pano Awards - An international competition celebrating panoramic photography exclusively.

Before I knew it the closing date was upon me and I hadn't prepared any images for entry. Too late, the ship had sailed and there was noting for me to do except to wait until the next year. So when the dates were announced for the 2013 event I took no chances. Multiple calendar entries were placed to remind me, phone alerts and alarms were set-up, and to make up for last years missed opportunity I had my images selected and prepared well in advance.

If I enter a competition I usually only enter a handful of images, but as I missed the pano awards last year, and because the majority of my landscape photography is created in this style, I decided to enter quite a few in this years completion.

I entered 16 images into the open competition and am very happy to announce that all 16 images received Bronze awards - several of which were only a point or two away from being Silvers :-D

You can check out the website for The Pano Awards here...




2013Pano_TheSlide  2013Pano_SummerRains




2013Pano_Miami  2013Pano_FingalHead







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